June 16

I really don’t know why I trust the information, but June 16 looks like the date that the FAA will publish Part 107 rules. and the accompanying other rules changed by the NPRM.

If you fly a drone – hobby or professional, the rules will affect you.  (See my post: what part 107 means).

If you are a pilot with an FAA airman’s certificate flying under a Section 333 exemption grant letter, nothing changes.  You may continue flying until your exemption expires.  You can probably even renew the exemption. Complete with the COA and NOTAM hassles, requiring an observer, limited to the sUAS aircraft listed on your exemption grant letter.  For you, your Section 333 exemption grant letter are the rules you must fly by.  To fly under the liberalized rules that Part 107 brings us, you have to become a Part 107 sUAS operator by passing a written test.

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