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Who is DroneMann?

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Stephen Mann

began flying as a teenager and today holds a commercial pilot’s certificate with instrument and flight instructor ratings. Over the years Stephen has flown more than a thousand hours in light General Aviation airplanes and owned a Cessna C177 for 20-years. Stephen has been building and flying small multirotor aircraft, also called drones, since 2010 when his wife bought him an AR Parrott. His favorite personal drone is the DJI Phantom 2 drone because of its amazing stability and reliability.

Got Questions about Drones or the FAA and FCC?

First, I am not a lawyer.

I don’t pretend to be a lawyer on on the web. Anyone who relies on my information in legal proceedings is a fool.  I do lots of research on my subjects, so if you are involved in a legal process, use my blog as a starting place for your lawyer to find the information needed.

If you send me an email with your questions, I will try to answer them.

The333.org is one of Stephen’s current activities. The333.org is a website, wiki and forum for commercial sUAS operators to share information and tips.  Stephen is also developing Treetop Academy, a drone ground and flight school. When the FAA Part 107 rules are finalized, the need for qualified training will be huge and Treetop Academy will be ready.

Permission to copy my posts is granted with the single condition that I receive credit in your publication. Sending me a link to your publication would be appreciated.

11 thoughts on “About DroneMann

  1. Rolando Chavez

    Mr. Mann, first and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on your accomplishments as a manned aircraft pilot. Secondly, you have a great concept with the 333.org website. This is awesome at all levels for us commercial drone operators! Keep up the great work. Your supporter–Rolando Chavez “Stingray” Laredo, Texas


    1. DroneMann Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s positive comments like this that encourage me to grow the sites. I am still working on a rollout of Part107.org when the Part 107 rules are published and the333.org is retired. Any comments would be appreciated.


  2. Rolando Chavez

    Mr. Mann,
    I have a couple of ideas for the Part107.org site. Would it be possible for you to include a section to include FAA testing sites per State. You know that Part107 rule will call for commercial Drone operators to take a written exam at an FAA testing site. A second idea, of mine would be to include a section with basic info. on where we can purchase Drone insurance. Just some basic info. Company name, contact phone number, and Web address. I just included some information on a forum about insurance and where to buy since there seem to be some confusion on the original member’s posts. Thanks–Rolando “Stingray” Chavez


    1. DroneMann Post author

      Good idea. I’ll ask some insurance brokers about sponsoring the site. the FAA testing sites locations are on the FAA website, but it’s not easy to find them. As written, the NPRM requires the applicant to find a CFI to look at their driver’s license, so that you can go to the Testing Center and show your driver’s license. Other than the TSA ID check (the CFI looks at your driver’s license), an applicant would never need to seek out a CFI. In my comment to the NPRM I pointed out the absurdity of this, especially when you have to show your ID, the same ID again at the testing centers.


  3. Rolando Chavez

    Awesome! Thank you for the reply. P.S. can you check your email. I just send you another concern about my donation to the site. Thanks again
    Rolando “Stingray” Chavez


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  6. JRR Youngstown Oh

    DroneMann: thanks for all the support you have given UAV ops for all these years, ? ref system security issues – over the coming months the population of drones flying in/around NAS will explode. As we are sure you are aware. Yet we do not see much at all in the way of
    guidance. Pt 107 – what are we missing here. Thought: enemy drones spotted at Mosul recently. The bad guys have no rules. We have the rules. thanks for your help! JRR Youngstown Oh


    1. DroneMann Post author

      Actually, I think we have seen the end of the explosive growth of personal drones. Once Part 107 rules went into effect, the dam burst and thousands of new commercial drone pilots got their license. The rate of new applicants has slowed considerably and in two years the new applicants will be even fewer.

      I’m not sure what guidance you are not seeing – I would be happy to fill in the gaps, but I thought I had covered just about everything.

      On Mosul- ISIS has been using DJI drones for a couple of years for recon missions. I’m surprised that they just figured out how to attach a grenade or other lightweight explosive. If they are flying under operator control (I.E. not on an autonomous flight plan), then the good guys already know where the controller was at.



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